Micael Grenholm pressbild

Micael Grenholm is a theologian, speaker and writer residing in western Sweden. He’s a PhD student of church history at Lund University and is teaching church history at the theological seminary ALT in Örebro. He is involved in Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice and has written several Christian books in Swedish on topics like miracles and compassion with refugees.

Micael Grenholm is an active debater and frequently appears in the Swedish Christian press. He has also written for The Christian Post, Sojourners and Mennonite World Review. Ideas that Micael promotes include charismatic spirituality, street evangelism, simple church and simple living, intentional community and restorationism. He has been writing for several years at the Charismactivism blog.

Micael Grenholm is the founder of Stefanushjälpen, a Christian humanitarian organization helping vulnerable people in Uppsala. He is a founding member of the environmental organization God Jord and is a board member of the Swedish Apologetics Society.

You can contact Micael at micael.grenholm@gmail.com or by calling +46 730 35 05 27.